Thoughts from a first-time voter

I am excited to vote for the first time this year. I think it’s something we need to take advantage of if we’re of legal age to vote. It’s an opportunity that not all countries
offer —giving people a say in who leads them. I think it’s an honor to vote.

I’ve been checking out the candidates and their stands on issues. I’d say that younger voters are interested in issues that will affect us later on like taxes and economic issues. Baby boomers are getting ready to retire and we are the ones that will be economically responsible. I watched the debates and I have been watching and listening to what both the presidential and vice presidential candidates have to say. I get information from the radio and television. I’ve watched CNN, Fox, the networks and local newscasts.

Beyond the presidential race, I’ve been checking out the other candidates in Minnesota. I am also interested in the school district referendum that will be on the ballot. It’s cool that I’ll be able to make a decision about my school life.

It’s a privilege to be a first time voter, but I believe you need to be educated. It’s important to listen to the debates and know the issues. There will be a lot of us first time voters at the polls on November 4.

Hannah Lindenberg
Senior, St. Louis Park High School