Teens receive books

Bob Ramsey retired from his paid position in St. Louis Park Schools more than a decade ago, but he continues to keep the interests of its students in mind. Such was the case when this Asset Champion discovered that the book “Success for Teens” was available just for the asking from the Success Foundation. As a member of St. Louis Park’s reading initiative, Bookmark in the Park, he requested 350 copies of the books for the incoming freshmen at St. Louis Park High School. Bob saw this is a tangible way to impact assets in teens and St. Louis Park High School principal Rob Metz agreed. Getting off to a good starts as a freshmen is vital to having a successful high school experience. Rob also said the book will “impress on the ninth graders that the community of St. Louis Park cares.”

This story includes information from an article written by Jared Bloomfiled, student, St. Louis Park High School, that appeared in the St. Louis Park Sun-Sailor.