Spread good cheer!

During the new year, spread good cheer with those around you by sharing information about the importance of building assets in young people. Need some ideas? Here are what some of Children First’s Asset Champions are doing.

  • Union Congregational Church includes An Asset a Week in their bulletin.
  • City/School Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Krzesowiak shares the assets during her volunteer training, as do Mary Shultz and Sue Thomas as they orients new St. Louis Park School District employees and Shelly Beissel when she hires summer school teachers.
  • Marjie Brodersen at Aldersgate United Methodist Church worked with a committee to review the list of assets and determine ways they already build assets and ways to incorporate them into congregational activities.
  • St. Louis Park Junior High Principal Les Bork attaches a link to this newsletter in the junior high’s newsletter.
  • Dr. Debra Bowers, St. Louis Park Schools, ensures there is asset information in the staff’s weekly online newsletter, Inside Scoop.
  • Asset Champion Karen Waters wears her Children First pin everywhere as a conversation starter.
  • Moriah and Lea worked with high school students who are part of the Youth Development Committee to help them identify their Sparks and the reasons behind their Sparks.
  • Becky McConnell at Westwood Hills Nature Center highlights the assets that staff makes an impact on during programing. Periodically she shares the list with the staff as a reminder of the important role they play in kids’ lives.