Snippets from Oct. 29 Asset Champions Gathering

The World Cafe format was used during the October 29th Asset Champions Network Gathering. The format is designed to foster real conversation which also helps build communitiy in our asset building work. This makes it impossible to summarize all the great discussion, but here are some snippets from the meeting.
– Growing connections with kids is important.
– Kids teaching adults & the value of that.
– Keeping on the look out for the “invisible” child.
– Advocate for kids especially when rules don’t make sense or work for youth.
– Adult influence is important & you need to preserve in developing relationships.
– Be intentional about asset building. In reviewing the service club at Aquila School, it touches 28 assets!
– Asset building: it’s not efficient, but it’s effective.
– Teachers have a significant impact on asset building.
– Responsive classroom is being carried beyond school hours into after school programs. What about into secondary buildings? Businesses? Homes?
– Assets are almost a “social grace.”
– Smallest things make the biggest difference.
– An important asset for high school students is sense of purpose. When they have it other things make sense: homework, achievement motivation, etc.
– Community service can be tied into educational system. Motivate people at a young age.
– Older people need to pay long-term attention to the young.
– Boundaries: How rules are decided and who’s involved is important. Kids should have a voice in it.