I’m an Asset Champion…now what?

Share the asset message….
Do “your people”* know about the 40 Developmental Assets? Share information with them. If they already know about the assets, make sure they know that you are an Asset Champion and that your organization has joined together with dozens of other St. Louis Park organizations to focus on youth through the Asset Champions Network.

It’s not hard to share the message. Here are some ways to do it:
❖ Show the Channel 4 Dimension Report video.
❖ Review the list of 40 Developmental Assets. Have people find an
asset that was important to them when they were younger OR have
them find an asset they envision themselves helping build in a
young person.
❖ Use “Asset Trivia” or any of the icebreakers from your Asset
Champion training manual.
❖ Include asset information on your website or in your newsletter.
❖ Explain why it’s important to build assets! Kids who have lots of
assets do better in school, volunteer in the community & have
healthier lifestyles. They are also less likely to be involved in risky
behaviors. Everyone has a role in building assets in youth.

Talk about what you already do to build Developmental Assets.
We already build assets in young people, whether we call it that or not. Part of being an Asset Champion is helping people be intentional about their support for young people. Share with each other the great things you already know that are going on.

Determine ways you can strengthen your asset building efforts.
❖ Is there a way to modify something you are doing to give it more of
an asset focus?
❖ What is something you can simply add to your day to demonstrate
that you are someone who cares about kids?
❖ Do you focus on building relationships while you interact with young
people? Do you say hi? Do you call them by name? Do you know
what their interests are? Do you notice when they are doing some-
thing right or provide constructive input when they are not?
❖ Recognize others with a simple comment when you notice they are
building assets in young people.

Need someone to talk through an idea or want to share what you’re doing? You can always contact Karen with ANYTHING to do with being an Asset Champion at (952) 928-6075 or atkinson.karen@slpschools.org or share it on this blog which you can access at the website: www.children-first.org

* “Your People” = co-workers, volunteers, students, parents, friends, members, staff, congregants, young people, colleagues or whoever it is you interact with as an Asset Champion.

(Photo by M. Jacobs)