Harvest Moon gallery show

A gallery show of the “Champions!” coloring book was held at Harvest Moon Coffee Shop on August 21st. Super Heroes highlighted in the coloring book selected young people to color their pages. The artists, ranging in age from 4 to 12 years had their photo and an artist statement framed with the coloring book page they decorated. Two St. Louis Park High School students, Jordan and Franco, coordinated the show. Thanks to Harvest Moon for hosting the art and providing ice cream for the artists and their super heroes.

The artists and their super heroes are:
Alex decorated Siar Nadem, Fallon decorated George Bickham, Matthew decorated Mila Castillo, Hannah decorated Frank Johnson, Max decorated Merrie Marinovich, Shannon decorated Ali McElory and Madelon Morin. Alison & Calvin decorated Peggy Rick, Phillip decorated Eliott Royce, Ilse decorated Steve Tharaldson, Zoe & Halle decorated Ann Thomas & Sue Wolfe, Maggie decorated Sabina Zimering.