Your gift brings joy!

When you give to Children First, you are making a major difference in the lives of 8,000 infants, children and teens in St. Louis Park. Children First is committed to building on positive strengths of all St. Louis Park young people.

  • More than 60% of Children First’s funds come from individuals like you!
  • 25% of Children First’s budget is covered by in-kind contributions such as office space, computer needs and fiscal agent support.
  • 0% of Children First’s budget comes from government grants.
  • 6 – time winner. St. Louis Park is the only Minnesota to be a six-time winner of the 100 Best Communities for Young People award by America’s Promise.

Support the tradition of putting our Children First. Your support is needed to ensure St. Louis Park’s continued focus on its young people. Funds are used to train volunteers, educate the community, conduct research, and keep this philosophy thriving as part of the DNA of St. Louis Park.

Park Nicollet Foundation is Children First’s fiscal agent, a service they provide free-of-charge as a partner in the initiative. 100% of your donation supports Children First initiatives and is tax deductible as a charitable donation as allowed by law.

Donate to Children First

What to help another way? Become trained as an Asset Champion, learn more about Children First by scheduling a speaker, or attend a Children First event.

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