Facebook and Privacy

By Kelsey, St. Louis Park High School Sophomore

On December 2nd Jordan and I taught a group of adults how to use the social networking site “Facebook”. Although typically used by students my age as a way of communication between friends this site can also be utilized by groups such as Children First as a way for community members to keep in touch. There currently is a Facebook group titled “Children First Asset Champions Network” in which all members of the group are interested in helping the youth in our community. Facebook can be used as a way to keep in touch with other members of Children First, communicate with Karen, and learn about up coming events being hosted by the group. After enacting an account you can ask to be invited to join the group and see others who are members of it. You will not automatically become friends with all members but have the option to if you are interested. Each individual’s account can be set up with customized privacy settings. Facebook is a very safe site if the user’s account is set up to be so. When you are searched on Facebook you have the option to decide whether or not your picture, profile, full name, or other details about you can be accessed by others. The privacy can be set up so that you have complete control over who is communicating with you. Facebook is both an exciting and safe way to communicate with other Children First Asset Champions. If you are interested in knowing more or setting up an account of your own join us for the next training. If you can’t make it, but are interested in getting help to set up a Facebook account, email Karen.