Enjoy the art!

Asset #16 – High Expectations
Emily Hanson, Westwood Hills Nature Center

Emily has been a naturalist at the nature center for one year. Not surprisingly, the Westwood staff wanted to add a “natural” twist to this artwork. A red-tailed hawk soaring freely and high above the tree tops represents an encouragement for children to aspire to great things. Fellow naturalist Jessica Hegna sketched the picture and Emily completed the work with paint. Both Jessica and Emily enjoy art as a hobby.

Asset #13 – Neighborhood Boundaries
Mariel, Alison, Sarah & Anne Mavity – Minikahda Vista Neighborhood

This painting is truly a neighborhood affair. Anne worked with her daughter Mariel and her friends Alison and Sarah (all 11 years old) to create this piece. On a warm early spring day they went around the neighborhood to enlist the help of their neighbors on Glenhurst and Huntington Avenues. Neighborhood children provided their fingerprints to create the children represented in the middle of the picture and adult neighbors provided fingerprints to create the outside circle, representing how adults in the neighborhood support and set boundaries for the fingerprint children inside the circle.

Asset #3 – Other Adult Relationships
Iejid Mfalingundi, St. Louis Park Transportation Inc.

As the Girl Scouts developed the list of organizations they wanted to participate in this project, they were very enthusiastic about inviting the bus company, because their bus drivers are great asset builders and role models. When St. Louis Park Transportation owner Tom Burr asked for a volunteer to paint he explained in an understatement, “I was pleasantly surprised” by Iejid’s art. Iejid, a school bus driver for five years, is an immigrant from Tanzania. Iejid has always enjoyed painting. He started in primary school years and also picked up a lot of information through Bob Ross on PBS.