We engage adults in St. Louis Park to  actively  participate  in the growth of all our youth.

  1. Every adult, every day. Find ways to weave interaction with young people into your daily life. Easy steps include:
  • Wave at kids at bus stops.
  • Compliment the good service of a teen employee.
  • Get at eye level when talking with young children.
  • Get to know a neighborhood family you haven’t met yet.
  • Ask a young person for help with your phone or computer.
  • Say hello to young people you pass on the street.
  • Notice a young person’s talent and comment on it.
  • Really listen when a young person speaks.
  • Say “please” and “thank you” to young people.
  • Ask a young person for a book recommendation
  • Tell someone in St. Louis Park about Children First.

Get more inspiration here and check out the 40 Developmental Assets.

2. Training – If you live, work or volunteer in St. Louis Park, formalize your commitment by participating in a free training session. You’ll learn about the Children First philosophy, the 40 Developmental Assests, then set action steps to advocate and educate others about Children First. Register here.