Congratulations to Bob Ramsey recipient of the Gil Braun Community Service Award from Rotary

Children First Asset Champion Dr. Robert D. (Bob) Ramsey received the 2007 Gil Braun Community Service Award from The Rotary Club of St. Louis Park. Bob has been active in the St. Louis Park community for nearly 40 years with much of his focus on making it a better place for young people.

Bob retired in from St. Louis Park Schools in 1993 where he was associate superintendent to pursue his career as a writer. Bob has written over 20 books. Most of his books are trade books about education. He has a series of 501 books including “501 Ways to Improve your Child’s Self-Esteem” and “501 Tips on Parenting”.

Bob has several volunteer jobs. He volunteers at Day One welcoming high school students on the first day of school. He was co-chair during the launch year of Bookmark in the Park. Bookmark is the Park is a community reading project that encourages all residents to read the same book promoting community dialogue on it. Bob serves on several committees at his church. He was the chair of the Senior Summit bringing our community elders together at Lenox Community Center to share with community leaders issues that are important to them. Bob served on the Parktacular committee that plans St. Louis Park’s summer celebration. This summer he and his wife Joyce are the senior ambassadors for St. Louis Park. Bob is a member of the NORC (Nurturing Our Retired Citizens) Senior Consumer Advisory Committee

It’s appropriate that Bob is the recipient of the award that this year was renamed the Gil Braun Community Service Award, after Mr. Braun, one of the Rotarians instrumental for the creation of Children First. Bob was on the original steering committee that former school superintendent and Rotarian Carl Holmstrom put together to determine how to proceed in strengthen the community support for young people. Bob has remained committed to Children First since its inception in 1993. When the Children First Executive Committee wanted to document the story of Children First but didn’t know how, Bob stepped forward. He is the author “The Children First Story: How One Community Partnership is Learning to Put its Children & Families First.” Currently Bob is part of the Asset Champions Network for Children First.

Pictured above: Bob Ramsey with Steve Solbrack, 2006-07 president of The Rotary Club of St. Louis Park.