Aug. 5: Tim Titus Day!

Tim Titus served up Developmental Assets along with coffee for more than 15 years as a barista at the Starbucks at Excelsior & Grand. To recognize Tim, a cherished community treasure who retired in July,  the St. Louis Park City Council honored him by proclaiming August 5 as Tim Titus Day. We asked him to share his favorite assets.

Asset #7 – Community Values Youth. As a parent and barista, seeing how baristas value kids by knowing their names and their parents drinks is a way Starbucks brings the community together and values youth.

Asset #3 – Other Adult Relationships. As a barista, Tim is often the other adult. Getting to know his customers and their children is something he loves.

Asset #39  – Sense of Purpose. Tim is very fortunate that Children First, parents, and the community have given children a sense of purpose by showing them that they are important and cared about.