Asset Champions

Who are Asset Champions?

  • Would you enjoy connecting with like-minded people from across St. Louis Park who are focusing on our youth?
  • Do you get fired up when you think about the young people in our community and the possibilities that exist?
  • Are you familiar with the developmental assets or would you like to become more familiar with them?
  • Do you like thinking proactively about what your organization can do to build support in kids?
  • Are you young, old or in between?

If you said YES, to any of these questions, you may want to represent your organization in the Children First Asset Champions Network.

Here’s how it works:

  • All sorts of organizations in St. Louis Park are part of it by identifying an Asset Champion, either an employee or volunteer. (Organizations can be employers, congregations, schools, day cares, youth groups…any type of organization working in St. Louis Park is welcome!) Asset champions are adults and young people.
  • Asset Champions are trained on the developmental assets and, in turn, train those in their organizations.
  • Asset Champions literally champion asset building as their organizations make decisions, set direction, plan activities and sponsor events.
  • Asset Champions attend Network gatherings where they can connect with others in the community committed to the Children First philosophy.
  • Asset Champions connect between meetings through facebook.
  • Organizations involved in the Network can decide to do things independently or with others to build assets in youth.

Contact us for further information if you want to become an Asset Champion.

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