A child’s hero

A young boy left Aquila Primary Center last week and took manners into his own hands by walking to child care, a trip he usually makes by bus. He was missing for two hours and his family, school staff and police were desperately combing the city to find him. An observant motorist noticed the 7-year-old watching the cars whiz by on Highway 7 and decided to stop to see if the boy needed help. The young child did. The boy knew his phone number, so reuniting him with his family was easy. During the time he was lost, the boy had traveled nearly three miles by foot, far outside the searchers’ perimeter.

The motorist was Dr. A. Stuart Hanson, who practices pulmonary medicine at Park Nicollet Clinic. According to Aquila Principal Shelley Nielsen, “Dr. Hanson changed this boy’s life that day. I know this is something he does in his job with patients, but it is so gratifying to know he would notice something was amiss and take the time to help this young boy.”