Here’s how one Asset Champion, Lindsay Ruliffson, DCD Teacher, Cedar Manor Intermediate School, shared an asset building message with her colleagues.

Happy Holidays staff!

I want to take a few minutes of your time to acknowledge each of you as a member of this amazing staff. I have witnessed some exemplary acts of putting Children First here at Cedar Manor this year and I would like to share. For example, have you noticed:

*The staff who stand outside in the morning and afternoon when the temperatures are below zero, to greet or send students off with a smile?

*The staff who gives a pat on the back during Math to one of their students, unaware of how truly needed it was at that moment?

*The staff who reads a story to a classroom as a guest reader, to show appreciation and support of literacy?

*The staff who support classroom instruction by “being there” on a daily basis for students of all abilities?

*The staff who provide breakfast for the student who forgot his lunch money today?

*The staff who spend 2 minutes at every morning meeting checking in to see how their students’ night at home was?

*The staff who provide materials for their students out of their own budget “just because”?

*The staff who sit with students before or after school, on their prep, or on their lunch, in order to give them the extra help they may not be getting at home?

*The staff who talks to students when they are upset, giving them a sense of being cared for?

*Your team member, colleague down the hallway, staff in the office, or person in the lunch room who gives you that smile, hug, or words of encouragement when maybe your day wasn’t going “exactly as planned”? We don’t have to involve students to be putting Children First.

Cedar Manor, I have seen each one of these acts happen personally. I know there are hundreds more that go on every day that I have not acknowledged here. Nonetheless, each one of you effortlessly put Children First every day and it is constantly seen and heard.

Thank you for putting every student at Cedar Manor FIRST. I am touched to work with you and they are privileged to see you every day.

~Your Children First Committee